Personal & Business Mailboxes, Mail Forwarding and Registered Office Services

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find a selection of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Are You Legitimate?

Yes!  We are licensed to provide services and supervised by HMRC: Our Anti-money Laundering Registration Number is: XXML00000141031.

We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office): ZA507548

Our VAT Registration Number: 332 5544 17

Personal Mail Forwarding.

Can private individuals have a UK Mailbox?
Yes, the Service is available to individuals and businesses alike.

If I order a service, how long does it take before I can use it?
As soon as you have placed the order and payment is made, your Mailbox is available and you can start using our UK Address.

Is it a genuine UK Address?
Yes, the UK Address can be checked out on Google Maps.  61 Bridge Street, Kington. HR5 3DJ

Is it legal?
Yes, all you are doing is using the Address for receiving your Mail.

Is my UK Address secure? 
Your security and privacy is our first concern.

Mail Forwarding

Can you send mail just within the UK?
We can send mail across the world.

Do you accept Parcels?
Yes, we accept small parcels; and large items by arrangement.

How frequently do you send mail?
We normally send mail out each Friday, but we can send mail out daily, monthly or whatever the client requires.

If I go away can you hold my mail?
Yes, just give us your instructions, we will store your mail and send it to you when you want. You just need to book the mail storage service.

What address should I use to receive my Mail?
You should use the following address:

61 Bridge Street
United Kingdom

(61a Bridge Street can also be used)

Parcel Forwarding

Can I make a Credit Card payment over the telephone?
Yes we accept card payment over the phone.

Do you accept pallets?
We can make special arrangements for this service.

Do you deliver parcels to P.O. Boxes?
Yes, to some countries.

Do you pick up from other addresses e.g. homes, works, auction houses?
We can make special arrangements for this service. 

How can I pay?
You can make a Payment using our website or during office hours we are happy to take card payments over the phone.

How long will post take to be sent?
We typically forward post and parcels within 24-48 hours assuming we have full instruction and have been paid in full.

How much will the parcel cost to send?
The cost to send a parcel depends on size, weight and destination.

How will I know if you have received my payment?
Payment acknowledgment is sent.

Is it ok to order more than 1 parcel and send them all together?
Yes, it is.

What address should I use to receive my mail or parcels?
You should use the following address:

61 Bridge Street
United Kingdom

When will I know that you have received my parcel?
If requested, when your parcel arrives at our premises, we will contact you.  Normally your mail or parcels will be forwarded automatically.

Will you pay for my duty?
All deliveries should  be “Duty Paid” however on instruction from you we will pay for Duty at our end – there will be a handling fee for this.

Will you re-package my goods if needed or instructed?
Yes, we often charge a small fee for repackaging.

Would you be able to send out my parcel and I pay later?
We do not give credit.

Restricted, Prohibited or Hazardous Goods:

Restricted, Prohibited or Hazardous Goods:Certain items, including perfume, alcohol and aerosols, require a Hazard Sticker be displayed on the packaging. Please refer to Royal Mail’s Restricted and Prohibited Goods list: royal-mail-prohibited-and-restricted-items-jan-30-2017

Can I use this address for the purposes of Electoral Registration?

Ghost Mail Ltd do not allow use of either the office address (61 Bridge Street) nor the residential address above (61a Bridge Street) for the purposes of electoral registration. To provide false information in the pursuit of electoral registration is a criminal offence which carries a custodial sentence and/or fine. All such breaches will be reported to Police for investigation.

Can I use this address for on my Driving Licence or V5 Vehicle Registration etc?

Documentation from DVLA can of course be received by Ghost Mail Limited, however, neither the office address (61 Bridge Street) nor the residential address above (61a Bridge Street) should feature on DVLA documents that belong to you. DVLA issue appropriate guidance on their website . Please note that there is a £1000 fine for failing to tell DVLA when a license holders address changes.